Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Little Whatsit. -.-

So, Theres This Guy, Liam. Who Has This Gf.. And Teddy And I Made A Plan (A FANTASTIC PLAN. >;D ) To Ask Liam Out, And Then Brake Up Wiv Him Right When He Brakes Up Wiv His Gf To Go Out Wiv Teddy (Ma Bee Ef Ef) And I Went On Teddys Acc And Wrote Him This Sappy Text Message,
(I Wrote That, ARENT I A GENIOUS?! ;D )
And He Invited BountyBar (Teddy) And Me, (Bountybar) To Teddys Room..
So We Just Sat There And Chatted For A While.. (Me an teddy kept just sending eachother privat messages. xD )
And He's Like, ''Okay Teddy, I Broke Up With My Gf, I LOVE YOU'' O.O Whatta Creep. ._.
And Teddy Goes On Diamonds Profile And Does This Drama, ''LIAM! TEDDY! I Love you liam! and teddy! i told you i loved liam, and now your GOING OUT WITH HIM?!'
So Me (Teddys Acc) Says, ''Oh Sorry! :( Liam, This Isnt Gonna Work Out, I Dont Want To Hurt Diamond.'' (we HAD To think of a way out!)
And Then Liam Starts A Drama. -_______- But Anyway, Teddy Dumps Him.
And Liam Starts Hating Her. And You Know What He Did RIGHT When Teddy Dumped Him?!
I Sometimes Seriosuly Dont Understand Boys...

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