Tuesday, 10 July 2012

W@W..All I Can Say Is.. WOW. xD

WowWowWow... I Have A GINORMOUS Crushii On W@W.. (Guy On msp)
He's Sooo Cute! :') I Could Just Eat Him Up! Hes Totes Yummy. ;'] 
Sorry W@W.. I Know You Dont Like Me. xD But This Is Worth A Try..
*Ahem*, Dear W@W, You Hate Me, I Like You, Its Quite Funny. :'D
I Have A Crushh On Yhuu. And Had One Since Forever.
I DONT LOVE YOU. Because You Msged Me That You Thought I Did. -_-' 
Boys..What Do They Come Up With These Daiis~?! ;D
All I Know Is.. I Like You. :) x

                                                                                             -Adrianna/BountyBar. :* xxx


  1. Ok The Start Was *Coughs*
    R U MAD?! XD

    1. Now I Like -William-Batman- Better. ;']